Website design

The main goal of website design is to provide the user with an optimal, positive experience. A website or application should be easy to use, intuitive, and pleasant. A good website design helps visitors access the information or services they are looking for quickly and efficiently and helps build brand loyalty so that they are more likely to return to the website or app.

Key features of website design


The selection of a logo, typography, and colors is crucial before UX/UI design, as these elements define the visual identity of the application or website. These components harmonize brand consistency and assist in achieving a unified appearance. The logo enables instant brand recognition by standing out among competitors. The right colors evoke emotional responses, and the choice of typography enhances readability. Thoughtful selections increase brand awareness and aid memorability. Therefore, before diving in, it is important to understand your ideas and goals regarding the brand image.

UX - The Experience

The UX (User Experience) design focuses on how users perceive and interact with the website or application. A good UX design aims to simplify user interactions, minimize user errors, and provide a pleasant, efficient experience. This enhances satisfaction and loyalty, as users can easily find and use the desired information or services.

UI - The Interface

UI (User Interface) design supports the user experience by creating an aesthetic, easily understandable, and intuitive interface. It helps users navigate the site effectively, find useful information easily, and ensure transparency in the use of functions. A likable UI design is not only visually appealing but also creates a pleasant and calm feeling during the time spent on it.

Design process


Branding - Consultation

During the brand identity design, consultation is required to understand your vision and goals regarding the assignment. In this phase, colors, typography, and the logo are developed, which will define the brand and the user experience.


A wireframe is a simple sketch of the structure of a page or application. This phase helps you to visualize the layout, navigation, and functionality in advance before you start the more detailed design work. In this section, we will work with the client and developer to review the design structure so that you can then move forward as smoothly as possible.

UX Testing

During testing, we assess how user-friendly the site or application is based on the wireframe we have built so far. User feedback from the testing will help us to optimize the design of the website or application, making it easier to use.

Final Design

In this phase, visual elements are developed in more detail, including detailed graphics, colors, and icons. Fine-tuning through feedback from UX testing is also part of this process.

Handing over to the developer

Once the design is ready, the files related to it will be shared with the developers. They contain all the information needed for the developers to start developing the website or app.

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