Web development

Web development is the process of creating dynamic and complex web services. This includes planning, design, development, testing and GDPR compliance. Choosing the right web development approach and technologies is very important to ensure that the result is high quality and easy to use. The criterion for modern web applications is that they should be user-friendly and highly functional, providing some advantages in achieving business and personal goals. The application of good web development practices will allow your service to be used effectively, ensuring customer satisfaction. Web development is therefore key to the success of your online presence and digital strategy.

Key aspects of web development

Website design

UX and UI design are important in web development, as the former aims to increase user satisfaction and loyalty, while the latter influences the user's first impression of the website. UX design uses various processes such as prototyping to identify the parts and processes that are fundamental to the user experience, and to improve them by optimizing and providing continuous feedback to users. UI design, on the other hand, is responsible for the quality and modernity of the presentation. Aligning UX and UI design is very important to ensure that the site is easy to use and engaging for visitors.


Designing databases at an early stage allows the web service as a whole to efficiently manage business and user data and ensure fast and accurate searches. With databases, individual websites can easily store and manage large amounts of data, contributing to a better user experience. Design is also of paramount importance for the security of the web service. The use of modern database technologies allows secure data management and prevents unauthorized access and malicious attacks.

Automated and manual testing

Both automated and manual testing plays an important role in web development. In manual testing, testers check that the different parts of the web service meet the specifications and design concepts. Automated testing, on the other hand, allows developers to test the quality of the source code more quickly and efficiently, thus improving the speed and security of the web service. Overall, both automated and manual testing is important in web development and their combination is essential to ensure that the quality and performance of the web application is impeccable.

Development process


Business Analysis

Identifying proper business requirements is one of the most important parts of every IT project. Personal or online kick-off consultations with our clients drive us in the right direction.


Selecting the technologies best suited to the needs of development. With continuous customer communication, the interface of the webapp, tablet app or mobile app is designed to be user-friendly and responsive.

Web development

After clarifying the business needs and website design, the development process begins with the client's active participation in three-week cycles. During this phase of the project, a strong focus remains on constant communication to ensure that the custom development creates real value not only in theory but also in practice.


Once getting closer to the end of the development phase a complex and comprehensive test part ensures high quality and guarantees success.


Business analysis, website design, development, testing, GDPR compliance, and marketing analytics tool integration. These processes are already completed, supporting the company or startup in achieving its goals, to be successful!

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