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Why the IT Squad

Your idea is in focus
Effective and clear communication
Design built on user experience
Quick display based on the most modern technologies
Customized business intelligence
Maintenance and continuous improvement

Complex IT solutions, scalable storage, professional user interface, customized business intelligence, GDPR compliance


Web development
Exclusive website development for businesses with special product or services. Userfriendly and customized webpages based on the most modern technologies. You will notice our complex IT solitions over the whole project lifecycle.
App development
Personalized mobile app development for both iOs and Android platforms with taking into consideration the modern technologies and user expectations. Take your perfectly applicable and userfriendly mobile app as a result of continuous analysis and development.
Integration, automation, intelligence
Integrating systems, automating business processes, and smart solutions like chatbots, recommendation systems, and other intelligent learning algorithms to solve complex business tasks.


Custom development
It must be a familiar feeling when you don't know where to have lunch... It can be payment option, queuing, distance, allergens, all questions will be answered on the site of ITTMenüzz, and you can also save your favorite places with a touch of a button!
Custom development
The Family Stickers can put a smile on visitor's face with stickers about families, couples and small pets. You can compare your family with these stickers that can be glued to a car, mug or even a laptop. We created the webstore and sticker design interface so that anyone can easily set up a sticker made of love! We don’t deny that we also found our favorite stickers that seemed to be patterned about us.
Custom development
Everything from a pen to a hand sanitizer can be found at the Facility Provider, it can be stationery, detergent or office supplies. We're also grateful for our whiteboard! During the process of web development it has been an important aspect of creating the webstore which could automatically load and update thousands of products on the site.
Are you interested in CBD oils? Have you wanted to try it for a long time, but it was difficult to find distributors? Check out the Amin-CBD's new website, which was designed in a way that every product and information is easily available in one place.
Oktondi has done a lot for Hungarian education by collecting and organizing tools and materials that enable online education. We engineered a messenger chatbot to help Hungarian students and teachers to find fast materials which contributes quick online education. It was a great pleasure to cooperate with Team Oktondi during web development and chatbot engineering.
As one of the most experienced organizational and process improvement consulting firm in Hungary, Simpflow aims to effectively support insurance and bank companies to increase their operation and achieve their business and efficiency goals in both the private and public sector.


Péter Juhász
"I am completely satisfied with the IT Squad. During the process I always knew where we were and what is was going to happen. They kept the deadline and did not exceed the budget of the project. The conversion number has increased as we launched the site thanks to the new UX design."
Zsolt Csepregi
"I would gladly recommend the IT Squad for everyone, if they want a professional and dynamic team for web development. The customer-centric attitude and flexibility they showed over and over again during our work together helped us immensely."
Péter Barton & Norbert Gőczi
"We very much enjoyed working with the IT Squad. This was our first IT project, therefore a lot of questions surfaced on our side and we met an insane amount of new things. Fortunately the guys helped us with everything and gave us a ton of advice and ideas. Thanks to that not only our webapp but our business is also improved. Professionally they were extremely prepared and they found solutions to all of our propositions. The project management was clear and detailed during the development, we always knew what was coming and what was the state of the project. The communication was clear, the team was always available, therefore we could keep the desired deadline."
András Békefi & Benjámin Horváth
"We are past countless of meetings, emails and phone calls, planning and adjustments but as a result our webshop is completely satisfies all the needs of our customers. We especially enjoyed working so closely together. It was a new experience for us to be part of an enthusiastic and dynamic team and from a wandering thought we ended up with an amazing website. Thanks to the constant communication and availability we felt from the start that we were in really good hands. To summarize all this it was incredible to watch our dream coming to life."
Péter Ördög
"Regarding the website creation we were perfectly satisfied. These guys are precise, incredibely helpful and kept all deadlines. We can only recommend them."
Molnár Janka Sára
"Precise, professional team. Unlike others who only say they are good, these guys are actually good. We worked together for months and they kept all the previously determined deadlines. The needs and requirements were always perfectly fulfilled and the team was available for us all the time. I hope we are going to work together on lots of project in the future."