Web development
Exclusive website development for businesses with special product or services. Userfriendly and customized webpages based on the most modern technologies. You will notice our complex IT solitions over the whole project lifecycle.
App development
Personalized mobile app development for both iOs and Android platforms with taking into consideration the modern technologies and user expectations. Take your perfectly applicable and userfriendly mobile app as a result of continuous analysis and development.
Integration, automation, intelligence
Integrating systems, automating business processes, and smart solutions like chatbots, recommendation systems, and other intelligent learning algorithms to solve complex business tasks.

Development process

1st step
Identifying proper business requirements is one of the most important part of every IT project. Our personal or online kick-off consultation drives us to the right direction.
2nd step
Besides continuous communication with our clients we determine business requirements and choose the most fitting tools and technologies.
3rd step
Development part starts right after clarification and specification of the requirements. We arrange bi-weekly review meetings to ensure developments to be matched up with the expectations of our clients.
4th step
Once getting closer to the end of the development phase a complex and comprehensive test part ensures high quality and guarantees success. To make it sustainable we offer continuous support and maintenance for our client.
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